Be Safe With Auto Insurance

Studies show that in spite of heavy penalties by Law maximum drivers on the streets are without insurance. The number of uninsured drivers is growing steadily and this is a catastrophe in waiting.
It is important that drivers who have auto insurance and are covered should have substantial underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage as well. This will allow for recovery of compensation in the eventuality of a car accident.

Understanding legal terms

Uninsured claims
If you have an uninsured rider on your insurance then you can collect compensation from your insurance against any at-fault uninsured driver accident.
This means that in the event of an accident with an at-fault uninsured driver, your insurance will pay for your damages. An uninsured vehicle could be stolen, unregistered, hit and run or driven without the owner’s permission.

Underinsured claims
An at-fault underinsured vehicle is where the insurance amount is not enough to cover all damages relating to the accident.
How does it work?
Many states such as New York make it mandatory to include uninsured motorist coverage. You can collect on this insurance in the event of an uninsured or underinsured accident.
This essentially replaces the liability faced by an at-fault driver and covers damages including, pain and trauma, loss in wages and medical bills.
The critical evidence which is key in establishing fault at the uninsured driver will include expert witnesses, medical records, police statements, damaged vehicles, photographs, videos, records regarding vehicle positioning, speeding and road conditions.
You can help set things straight with the help of a lawyer who can take you through the ropes.
Why hire a lawyer?
In the event of an uninsured claim, you would need to prove to your insurance company about contact and damage. Insurance companies are forever denying claims and are known to make the experience harrowing and troublesome.
A lawyer can streamline the whole process for you and take care of all the paperwork. Dealing with an accident is nerve-wracking in itself without the hassle of paying bills.
With a lawyer, you put your case in safe hands. You can ensure not to have your claim denied due to some paperwork error or other factors. People under stress find it difficult and frustrating to face annoying paperwork and insurance procedures.
A lawyer will also work with you to determine the extent of damages faced. You can accurately value your damages so that you receive complete compensation.

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